KRF Condemns Terrorist Attack Resulting in Civilian Casualty in Bijbehara

Taha Yaseen
1 Min Read

On April 18, a non-local vendor hailing from Bihar, Raja Shah, fell victim to a cowardly terrorist attack. The attack took place in the Jablipora area of Bilal Colony, Bijbehara. The attack left Raja Shah with fatal bullet injuries to his neck and abdomen, leading to his untimely demise.

KRF strongly condemns the heinous act and emphasize the need for swift justice and accountability for such atrocious acts.

Following the incident, security forces swiftly cordoned off the area in a bid to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this reprehensible act. The community, along with civil society organizations like KRF, stands united in denouncing terrorism and advocating for a peaceful, harmonious society.

KRF reiterates its commitment to supporting efforts that promote peace, security and justice for all, emphasizing that such acts of violence only serve to disrupt the fabric of society and undermine efforts towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

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