Government’s Stringent Measures in Kashmir: Property of Seven Terror Handlers in Pak Attached in Baramulla

Asma Noor
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May 07 – The government’s unwavering commitment to developing Kashmir and curbing terrorism and separatism has been underscored by the recent action of attaching properties belonging to seven terrorist handlers based in Pakistan. The move, executed by the police in Baramulla district, marks a significant step towards ensuring peace and stability in the region.

The properties, totaling 13 kanals of land, were identified as belonging to individuals facilitating terrorist activities in the region.

The identified terrorist handlers include Shabir Ahmad Sofi, Gh Nabi Alaie, Gh Nabi Sheikh, Sharief ud din Chopan, Gulla Sheikh, Mohd Rafiq Khan, and Ab Hameed Parray. These individuals, residing in various areas, were found to be actively involved in supporting and perpetrating acts of terrorism.

The police action, sanctioned by the Additional Sessions Court in Baramulla, was carried out under sections of the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC) and is linked to a case filed in 2008 under various acts related to terrorism and unlawful activities. The stringent measures taken by the government reaffirm its determination to combat terror activities and dismantle networks that threaten the peace and security of Kashmir.

This operation is not just a legal procedure but a testament to the government’s proactive approach in addressing the root causes of extremism and violence in the region. By targeting the financial assets of militant handlers, the government aims to disrupt their support mechanisms and weaken their ability to carry out nefarious activities.

The government’s focus on development and security in Kashmir is evident in its multifaceted strategy, which includes economic initiatives, infrastructure projects, and robust law enforcement measures. By simultaneously addressing the socio-economic grievances of the people and dismantling terrorist networks, the government aims to create a conducive environment for peace, progress, and prosperity in the region.

This recent action sends a clear message that terrorism and separatism will not be tolerated, and those who aid and abet such activities will face legal consequences. It also highlights the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary in upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the interests of the people of Kashmir.

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