Kashmir Tourism Surges: Hotels Fully Booked for May and June

Nadeem Shah
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As the summer heat intensifies across India, the picturesque region of Kashmir has emerged as a prime destination for tourists seeking relief. With its pleasant climate and breathtaking landscapes, Kashmir has witnessed an unprecedented surge in tourist numbers, leading to full occupancy in hotels for the months of May and June.

After experiencing a highly successful winter season, the influx of tourists into Kashmir has continued unabated into spring and summer. The tourism sector in the valley is buoyed by this sustained flow, anticipating further increases in visitor numbers in the coming months.

Uninterrupted Tourist Flow

Rouf Ahmad Tramboo, President of the Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK), highlighted the continuous and robust flow of tourists currently visiting the region. “We are witnessing an uninterrupted flow of tourists,” Tramboo remarked. “Winter as well as the spring season has been very encouraging for the tourism sector of Kashmir. We are expecting the flow to sustain for the rest of the months and hope to break previous tourism records.”

Tramboo noted that the valley is attracting a significant number of tourists from states experiencing exceptionally high temperatures, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu. The influx is not only from these regions but also from cities like Bangalore.

High Tourist Numbers from Heat-Affected States

The surge in tourism is largely driven by families and groups seeking a reprieve from the severe heat in their home states. “It is vacation time in many states of India, and people want to escape the summer heat. Kashmir is emerging as the favorite destination for the majority of domestic tourists since the climate currently is moderate here,” explained Umar Ahmad Khan, a local tour operator.

The moderate climate of Kashmir, combined with its natural beauty and serene environment, makes it an ideal escape for many during the harsh summer months. This appeal has led to nearly 1 million tourists visiting the valley in just the first four months of the year.

Record Passenger Arrivals

Supporting this tourism boom, Srinagar International Airport along with hotels reported an average of over 8,000 passenger arrivals daily, a significant portion of whom are tourists. The airport has seen a rise in the number of flights operating, from an average of 70 flights in February to 94 flights currently, underscoring the increased demand for travel to Kashmir.

Outlook for the Tourism Sector

Local travel agents and stakeholders in the tourism industry are optimistic about the future. They anticipate that the influx of tourists will continue to grow, potentially setting new records for the region. The ongoing trend highlights Kashmir’s status as a top destination for domestic travelers, offering a cool, refreshing escape from the heat gripping much of the country.


The surge in tourism to Kashmir is a testament to the region’s enduring allure and its capacity to provide a haven from the summer heat. With hotels fully booked and a steady stream of visitors, the valley’s tourism sector is poised for a record-breaking season. As Kashmir continues to attract tourists from across India, it reaffirms its status as a cherished destination for those seeking both natural beauty and respite from the scorching temperatures elsewhere.

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