Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Marks Historic Debut in Women’s International Cricket

Nadeem Shah
2 Min Read

April 18, 2024 – In a groundbreaking moment for cricket and sports manufacturing, Kashmir willow cricket bat is set to make their debut in Women’s International Cricket. This milestone is the result of years of dedicated effort, technological innovation, and a commitment to excellence by GR8 Sports, a Valley-based sports company.

GR8 Sports announced that its cricket bats and equipment will be utilized by several international cricketers from the West Indies women’s team during their upcoming tour to Pakistan. Fawzul Kabiir, the Managing Director of GR8 Sports, expressed immense pride in this achievement, attributing it to the company’s hard work, expertise, and the incorporation of AI-based cutting-edge technology in their manufacturing process.

“This debut is a testament to the superior performance of Kashmir willow cricket bats and dispels the misconception that they are heavier or inferior to English willow bats,” remarked Kabiir. “We are committed to setting new standards in cricket equipment manufacturing and ending the monopoly of English willow in international cricket.”

The West Indies women’s team will showcase the Kashmir willow bat in three One Day Internationals (ODIs) and five T20 Internationals against Pakistan, starting today. This move not only highlights the quality and performance of Kashmir willow bats but also aims to uplift the indigenous industry and reduce reliance on imported English willow.

“It took us 14 years of dedicated Research and Development to refine Kashmir willow wood into a professional cricket bat,” Kabiir mentioned. “Our relentless hard work and persistence have paid off, resulting in lighter bats ranging from 2.4 lbs to 2.5 lbs, with unmatched ping, balance, and stroke.”

The use of Kashmir willow bats in Women’s International Cricket signifies a significant step towards diversifying cricket equipment options and promoting local craftsmanship on a global stage. GR8 Sports envisions a future where Kashmir willow bats become commonplace in international cricket, contributing to the economy and showcasing the potential of indigenous industries.

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