Sonamarg Breaks Records with Over 1.6 Lakh Tourists in Three Months

Nadeem Shah
2 Min Read
Tourists cross a bridge after fresh snowfall at Sonamarg in Ganderbal district of Kashmir, Thursday, January. 12, 2023. PHOTO BY BILAL BAHADUR

Sonamarg, aptly named ‘the meadow of gold,’ has witnessed an unprecedented surge in tourism, welcoming a staggering 1,62,281 tourists over the past three months. This influx, consisting of both domestic and foreign visitors, marks a significant revival in the tourism sector of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

From January 1st to March 31st, Sonamarg’s pristine landscapes, snow-clad mountains, and enchanting vistas attracted 155,851 domestic tourists, along with 4,108 foreigners. Additionally, 2,322 local residents seized the opportunity to explore the beauty of their own region, contributing to the vibrant tourism scene.

Local shopkeepers, buoyed by the increased tourist activity, extend their gratitude to the tourism department for its promotional endeavors. They attribute the current record-breaking numbers to the region’s timeless allure and the sustained efforts to showcase Sonamarg as a premier destination in Kashmir.

Members of the tourism sector express joy at the resurgence of their businesses, which had experienced a lull for nearly three years. The influx of tourists not only injects vitality into the local economy but also fosters a hospitable atmosphere, characterized by warmth and hospitality.

Tourists themselves are delighted with their Sonamarg experience, enamored by its natural beauty, cultural richness, and welcoming ambiance. Their presence contributes to a lively and bustling environment, reinforcing Sonamarg’s status as a must-visit destination for travelers.

The success of Sonamarg in attracting such a large number of tourists underscores the potential and appeal of Kashmir’s tourism sector. It also highlights the importance of ongoing promotional efforts and infrastructure development to sustain this momentum and attract even more visitors in the future.

As Sonamarg continues to charm visitors with its picturesque landscapes and serene ambiance, stakeholders in the tourism industry remain optimistic about the region’s potential for further growth and development. The current influx of tourists serves as a testament to Sonamarg’s enduring allure and its position as a jewel in Kashmir’s tourism crown.

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