Kashmir Records Record-Breaking Tourist Arrivals, Boosting Associated Businesses

Sheikhzada Daniyal
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The valley of Kashmir is witnessing a record-breaking tourist arrivals, with over a million tourists visiting the region till mid-May. This surge in tourist arrivals has led to a significant increase in demand for various services and products, benefiting numerous associated businesses in the region.

Businesses thrive with Record-Breaking Tourist Arrival

One such business is the rental of warm clothes, particularly in Gulmarg, where the temperature tends to drop during the night and winter season. Mumtaz Ahmad, a local entrepreneur, has seen a significant increase in demand for his warm clothing venture, catering to tourists who want to enjoy their stay in Gulmarg comfortably.

Similarly, many other businesses have thrived in Kashmir, offering a range of services from transportation to tent rentals. Educated youth in the valley have set up their ventures, which have been scripting success. For instance, Kashmir Travelogue, a business that offers bike and scooter rentals, has been witnessing immense response since its inception in 2016.

The demand for rental services for bikes and other recreational vehicles has witnessed a sharp uptick in business. Tourists are eager to explore the valleys and mountains on two wheels, driving demand for rental services. Inayat Ahmad, who oversees Kashmir Travelogue, said, “We offer bikes, particularly Royal Enfield, and scooters, which are good for off-road and road trips. We have a good demand and most tourists including foreigners hire them to explore the valley. There is a thrill in two-wheeled exploration.”

Hiking on Rise

Another business that has seen significant growth is Suheem Ahmad’s venture, which offers tents and other hiking equipment for rent to trekking enthusiasts. Suheem said his business has grown much more than his expectations given the new trend among the youth of Kashmir and tourists to hike in the mountains of the valley. The demand is such that it didn’t require me to advertise my business on social media and newspapers this year. Locals, as well as tourists, are visiting our office in numbers to rent out tents and other camping equipment. Though I started my business in 2016, demand for our services has grown for the last few years,” he said.

The tourism industry is the second main industry in Kashmir after horticulture, generating significant revenue for the local economy. The current surge in tourist arrivals is expected to break all previous records, with over 1.25 million tourists already visiting the region this year. The increased tourist flow has also led to a rise in demand for other services such as taxi operators, pony wallahs, tourist guides and travel operators.


The record-breaking tourist arrivals in Kashmir have led to a significant boost in associated businesses, providing opportunities for local entrepreneurs to set up their ventures and thrive. The region’s unique natural beauty and improved law and order situation have made it an attractive destination for tourists, driving the growth of the tourism industry and contributing to the local economy.

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