Ghalib, a Renowned Rap Star from South Kashmir uses Music to Highlight Hazards of Drug Abuse

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In a compelling new release, a renowned rap star from south Kashmir leverages his musical prowess to highlight the devastating consequences of drug abuse. The track, titled “Message” delivers a powerful and thought-provoking narrative about the detrimental effects of substance use.

Shahry Binyamin Ahmad Ganie, known by the artistic name ‘Ghalib’ and a resident of Budroo, Srigufwara in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district, has written and composed this song that resonates across diverse audiences.

Ghalib, who has been pursuing a BA degree from GDC Bijbehara, said his interest in music, particularly hip-hop, intensified during his childhood after listening to artists like Honey Singh, Bohemia, Raftaar, and others.

“I write and compose all songs myself. In 2019, I released my first song, which went viral, which led to my signing with international labels like Adventure Global Talent,” said Ghalib, who is also a cinematographer. After parting ways with the labels, Ghalib launched his own YouTube channel ‘Rapstar Ghalib’ and his hit tracks like ‘Dastaan’ and ‘Shuruwaat’ started to garner millions of views. Ghalib expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of his family, especially his father, a range officer in the forest department. He aims to deliver messages in a subtle yet impactful manner. Discussing his recent track on drug abuse, Ghalib quoted that drug addiction has been ruining the lives of hundreds of youth, thereby destroying the happiness of their families. He said it is everyone’s duty to contribute in whatever way they can to eradicate this menace.

In the following track he has tried to address the harsh realities of addiction and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. An artist can use their platform to advocate for a healthier and more informed approach to life, steering listeners away from the destructive path of drug dependency.

The accompanying music video features impactful visuals which further amplify the message and drive home the consequences of drug abuse. The song’s viral success on various platforms indicates a widespread embrace of its message, emphasising the influential role that artists can play in shaping public discourse.

According to Ghalib, every society faces challenges, and it is the responsibility of artists to deliver strong messages through their art. He revealed that he has been working on several other songs containing messages on social issues, which will be uploaded soon. It is pertinent to mention that Ghalib has performed his rap songs at different stages, earning appreciation for their strong social messages.

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