Gala Dinner to Musical Nights: Tourists make a Beeline to Kashmir on Christmas, New Year Eve

Taha Yaseen
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As the Christmas festive season draws near, Kashmir has become the top destination for tourists, with hotels in tourist hotspots such as Gulmarg and Pahalgam being reported as sold-out. This year, Kashmir has set a record of receiving the highest number of tourists, with over 2,000,000 visitors including 50,000 foreign guests arriving until 30 November. Travel agents have reported an increase in enquiries in recent weeks, especially for the festive season.

“We have seen an increase in tourist arrivals in the past few weeks, and we anticipate a further surge in arrivals in the coming weeks, as tourists are expected to stay in Kashmir for Christmas and the New Year,” said Rauf Ahmed Tramboo, President of the Kashmir Travel Agents Association. Tramboo added that Srinagar is also in high demand, with multiple events being held at the city to attract tourists. The travel agents as well as the hoteliers have made special arrangements for tourists for both these occasions. In hotspots like Gulmarg and Pahalgam, hoteliers have made additional arrangements for the musical evenings. So are the celebrations on New Year. The rush of tourists has increased especially from South India eyeing the Christmas and New Year in Kashmir.

Christmas and New Year are very popular periods for Maharashtrians and South Indians to visit Kashmir and special packages have been made for them which including Gala Dinner and other things. Kashmiris associated with tourism industry are expecting a good flow of foreign tourists. Due to the high number of tourists, the air fares for Srinagar have been increased by the airlines companies. Currently, Srinagar air fares from New Delhi have been increased by more than 30 per cent. A one-way ticket to Srinagar from New Delhi is currently priced at Rs 9000 per person. Normally, Srinagar tickets from Delhi are priced between Rs 5000-6000 per person.

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