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Day: September 17, 2021

Friday, September 17, in a recent attack by armed terrorists, shot dead, a railway police cop in Wanpoh area of South Kashmir’s Kulgam district on Friday. Terrorists indiscriminately fired upon a railway constable identified as Bantu Sharma son of Nathji near Shamford School. Meanwhile, he was immediately shifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition, where doctors declared him brought dead.
Hostile environment created by banned terror outfits now engulfed thousands of humans while performing their duties, and on top of it no is spared neither a civilan nor a man in uniform. Its worrying on behalf of human rights, continually being infringed. Curb in free movement is another serious problem that needs to be addressed by, terrorists take away the prosperity of the region day by day. A play is on toes concerning human rights in the mainland of Jammu and Kashmir. There is a shift in terrorism-related activities, more security concerns for Kashmiris now. The bagged scars for situation in Kashmir would be rewarded to Pakistan for playing a down game with Kashmiris, never wanting Srinagar to be a place once called Kashmir- the paradise on earth. KRF condemns the attack on the innocent railway personnel, who lost life by bullets of terrorists.

A 21-year-old girl Khalida Aashiq inks a poetry compilation with the title of Qisa-e-qalb. Khalida is an instance for Kashmiri young girls and boys to earn their professional careers by transforming the society from polarization to pacifism. She sets a record in her early youth by authoring a book.
Hailing from the Batpora area of Kupwara, Khalida had a dream to pen down verses into a book and set it forth into public discourse. Khalida is a passionate writer whose verses reflect society, inner peace, the tumultuous atmosphere of a young heart and a divine connection.
Khalida says, “We belong to a backward area of ​​Kupwara. Interest and attachment to the Urdu language have been a part of our caste since childhood. I have been associated with poetry since the seventh grade.”
The book is based on the depths of our being- our thinking. The book comprises a story of a girl with a dreamy heart, who is struggling to resolve the confusions of life. Khalida further goes on to say that we firmly believe that being a writer gives us a great deal of responsibility. The pen has more power than the sword and should always be used for the betterment of the people and society.
‘The Story of Heart’ is a written effort to raise issues such as awareness and women empowerment among the present-day frustrated and diverted youth.
Khalida thinks, “Whatever you have to write, write very carefully. Tomorrow there will be accusations that you are unjustly known.”

Khalida recently finished her graduation from Govt Women’s College Kupwara and is pursuing masters in Political Science from Kashmir University.
“As a growing child, I was obsessed with poetry. I have a passion for Urdu literature and poetry. I feel that poetry is the zenith of my soul and it’s something which puts me at the highest level of vulnerability but at the same time it enhances my power of being strong.” Khalida finds solace in writing poetry,
“I am a self-taught poet and I can’t find a better version of mine other than being a poet. During my childhood, i used to write a diary and named it sila, and used to share my emotions and thoughts with that diary. I continued my journey as a poet with the pen name sila.
I would like to thank my family for always supporting and encouraging sila.”