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Month: September 2021

A civilian was injured on Tuesday 22 Sep 2021, when terrorists attacked security forces in central Kashmir’s district of Budgam, a police spokesperson said this evening. He said terrorists fired at security force personnel, who were on an operational duty near village Lassipora Khag in Budgam. A civilian, identified as Bilal Ahmad Rather was injured in the firing. He said Rather when o received an injury in the leg, was immediately taken to a hospital, where his health condition is stated to be stable now.
Terrorists have longer caused pain through such acts of violence to the general masses, hundreds of civilians are wounded in just weeks. Women are attacked more specifically, hampering their free movement on roads and in yards. None has the knowledge, when, where and who will receive injuries or, will die in increasing attacks from terrorists. Human rights violation is day by day heightening in the valley so is dampening the value of human resources. A dip in normalcy can be seen, from the last few months, no opportunity is left out without causing pain to the public and security forces.

On Friday, 17 September, a railway cop was martyred and a non-local labourer assassinated in two separate terrorist attacks in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district. Terrorists indiscriminately opened fire upon a cop and critically wounded a police constable near Shamford School in Kulgam district this evening. The injured police constable was shifted to the hospital. However, he succumbed to injuries on the way. The martyr cop was identified as Bantu Sharma, son of Trilokinath Sharma resident of Wanpoh who was working as a Follower in J&K Police.
Inspector-General of Police, Vijay Kumar, said that after the killing of top commanders, militants were frustrated and resorting to targeting unarmed persons. “Terrorists and their handlers in Pakistan are frustrated with the recent elimination of top cards of terrorists and peaceful environment even after the death of separatist leader SAS Geelani. That’s why terrorists have killed one unarmed policeman (PSI) recently and one unarmed policeman & one innocent outside labourer today in Kulgam district”, he said. The notorious Resistance Front (TRF) claimed responsibility for both attacks. They read in the message that the labourer was targeted for being a collaborator of security forces. The majority of leaders including former Chief Ministers of J&K condemned the killing of the policeman and expressed condolences to the bereaved family. “I unequivocally condemn the militant attack in Kulgam district of South Kashmir. My heartfelt condolences to the family & colleagues of Constable Bantoo Sharma of Railway Protection Force who was killed in the line
of duty earlier this evening. May his soul rest in peace,” tweeted Omar Abdullah. PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti also tweeted: “Very sorry to hear about the attack in Kulgam today that claimed yet another innocent life. Deepest condolences & prayers with Bantoo Sharma ji’s family. May his soul rest in peace.
Peoples Conference chief Sajad Lone also took to Twitter handle, “Strongly condemn the killing of a policeman in Kulgam. May Allah give patience to the family of Bantu Sharma to bear this loss. And May the killers rot in hell.” Terrorists also shot dead a labourer from Bihar, at Nehama area of Kulgam district. Police said that a non-J&K labourer was shot at by armed terrorists at around 8:25 pm at the Nehama area. The slain was identified as Shankar Choudhary, a resident of Bihar.
After the death of SAS Geelani, terrorists now sat unrested try propagation of fear among masses, to perpetuate their nefarious goals, though the master is dead now. One killing of non-local will spill fear and suspicion in the whole non-local community working in the valley, as focus on them had been set by the terror outfits. The general public is merely a spectator while daily spill of blood is now a new normal, the public should take strong note of civilian casualties and the hurdle in their movement, none is spared whether it be a toddler or an adolescent. KRF in harsh words condemn the attack carried by TRF to spill fear and backlash the economic prosperity in the valley.

Friday, September 17, in a recent attack by armed terrorists, shot dead, a railway police cop in Wanpoh area of South Kashmir’s Kulgam district on Friday. Terrorists indiscriminately fired upon a railway constable identified as Bantu Sharma son of Nathji near Shamford School. Meanwhile, he was immediately shifted to a nearby hospital in critical condition, where doctors declared him brought dead.
Hostile environment created by banned terror outfits now engulfed thousands of humans while performing their duties, and on top of it no is spared neither a civilan nor a man in uniform. Its worrying on behalf of human rights, continually being infringed. Curb in free movement is another serious problem that needs to be addressed by, terrorists take away the prosperity of the region day by day. A play is on toes concerning human rights in the mainland of Jammu and Kashmir. There is a shift in terrorism-related activities, more security concerns for Kashmiris now. The bagged scars for situation in Kashmir would be rewarded to Pakistan for playing a down game with Kashmiris, never wanting Srinagar to be a place once called Kashmir- the paradise on earth. KRF condemns the attack on the innocent railway personnel, who lost life by bullets of terrorists.

A 21-year-old girl Khalida Aashiq inks a poetry compilation with the title of Qisa-e-qalb. Khalida is an instance for Kashmiri young girls and boys to earn their professional careers by transforming the society from polarization to pacifism. She sets a record in her early youth by authoring a book.
Hailing from the Batpora area of Kupwara, Khalida had a dream to pen down verses into a book and set it forth into public discourse. Khalida is a passionate writer whose verses reflect society, inner peace, the tumultuous atmosphere of a young heart and a divine connection.
Khalida says, “We belong to a backward area of ​​Kupwara. Interest and attachment to the Urdu language have been a part of our caste since childhood. I have been associated with poetry since the seventh grade.”
The book is based on the depths of our being- our thinking. The book comprises a story of a girl with a dreamy heart, who is struggling to resolve the confusions of life. Khalida further goes on to say that we firmly believe that being a writer gives us a great deal of responsibility. The pen has more power than the sword and should always be used for the betterment of the people and society.
‘The Story of Heart’ is a written effort to raise issues such as awareness and women empowerment among the present-day frustrated and diverted youth.
Khalida thinks, “Whatever you have to write, write very carefully. Tomorrow there will be accusations that you are unjustly known.”

Khalida recently finished her graduation from Govt Women’s College Kupwara and is pursuing masters in Political Science from Kashmir University.
“As a growing child, I was obsessed with poetry. I have a passion for Urdu literature and poetry. I feel that poetry is the zenith of my soul and it’s something which puts me at the highest level of vulnerability but at the same time it enhances my power of being strong.” Khalida finds solace in writing poetry,
“I am a self-taught poet and I can’t find a better version of mine other than being a poet. During my childhood, i used to write a diary and named it sila, and used to share my emotions and thoughts with that diary. I continued my journey as a poet with the pen name sila.
I would like to thank my family for always supporting and encouraging sila.”

Battling all odds of conservative society Samaniya Bhat, a 20-year-old college pass out is the first and youngest female radio jockey (RJ) from north Kashmir’s Baramulla district. Samaniya belongs to old town of district Baramulla. Though the society restricts girls to walls of house only, but Samaniya managed to cope it up and come out as outspoken. Samaniya qouted, “Becoming a radio jockey was a my dream.” She acknowledged that becoming RJ was a hectic task for her, both in terms of societal ordinances as well as with being frank and confident. “It took my time, hard work and passion,” she said.
The 20 year old RJ is currently performing her role at Radio Chinar 90.4 FM Sopore- only radio station of from North Kashmir, and has become the inspiration for many young girls of the town.
Giving her details of she grabbed up the job, Samaniya says, the station had invited applications for RJ position early this year and she applied for the same post for which around 350 female candidates from different districts of Kashmir had applied.
“It was not easy. There was a tough competition from my co-applicants. Besides, I had to clear many rounds of interviews and auditions to get my dream job, ” she recalls. However, her hard work paid off and she made her ground among four candidates for the radio. Bhat gave the credit to her success in cracking the interviews to her prior experience of working for All India Radio (AIR).
Her show ‘Halla Bol with RJ samniya’ is broadcasted between 3 pm and 6 pm. Samaniya, the youngest girl RJ from northern Kashmir has received an overwhelming love and feedback from her audience, which triggers her to do better. She also regularly interviews people. The show was given noon time slot, but on public demand the show was shifted to 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. With her soulful voice, positive vibes, and magic she creates on-air, Bhat inspires girls in the valley.
She gave full credits to her father, who supports her in her job. He proudly tells his friends and customers to listen to my show on radio. “I wish every girl be blessed with a father alike, that she can choose career of her own.”

Some suspected militants on Tuesday late evening hurled a grenade towards SOG camp in Mochwa area Central Kashmir’s Budgam district on Tuesday,14 September 2021. however, the grenade failed to explode. Notably, it was the second attack in a single day, in the first attack, security forces were targetted on the national highway. In the same attack, four civilian pedestrians got splinters.
The terrorists came closer to the fence lobbed the grenade and ran away quickly. There is a rise in assaults on defence forces, numerous such incidents were thwarted by but still a continuity can be observed in them. From central Kashmir to south Kashmir including north Kashmir as well, the reports witness alarming occurrences which can prove a hard task for defence forces to tackle with. Civilians lose lives, receive grave injuries while they pass by roads, pedestrians have been the chief victims in the cycle of terrorism. KRF condemns the wild incidents pushed by sponsors of terrorism.

This afternoon, terrorists hurled a grenade on security forces in Rajpora area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama. On Tuesday, 14 September 2021, armed miscreants lobbed a grenade while riding over the highway, leaving three civilians wounded. Reckless terrorists find solace in violation of the human rights of the common masses. It’s a mockery with the lives of people whose movement is altered heavily upon these witnessing these tragedies on daily basis.
The dead-end on way for terrorists is death only, as their manipulative roles have distorted the growth in Kashmir. The investment may come here only if normalcy shows a smiling face, but the paradox is terrorism is sponsored as if on monthly basis. Hence leaving no stone unturned in disgruntlement of overall security scenarrio, which shakes the environment of prosperity. Though security forces are oaving their valuable lives for the restoration of peace and thwarting each pinnacle of terrorism, conflict is far more rooted in lines than one can imagine. KRF issues a strong condemnation for attacking security forces, whose role is pivotal in restoration of peace

On Monday, a big tragedy was averted by security forces while some six grenades piled together were found on the busy Parimpora-Panthachowk axis in Srinagar. The six Chinese grenades were recovered from a sandbag placed on the divider of the busy road.
The grenades were eyed in the morning during the road opening exercise along National Highway 44, troopers of the 73 BN. It must be noted that a big tragedy had been thwarted as the damage out of exploding six grenades can be extremely large. Trafficking of such explosives toll huge crime fill in violence in streets as had been witnessed in past.
Terrorists show zero concern for human rights, come hurl and slash the bodies like ash whooping in skies. The dance of death is not just confined to government property but includes all vehicles, public property and human resources as well. Shops remain shut, none cares if anyone sleeps hungry. There was a downtrend from some time, but it seems rising again keeping in view the present situation. KRF condemns the dumping of explosives that take innocent lives.

In a deplorable act of violence, Jammu Kashmir Police Sub-Inspector Arshid Ahmad was shot from point-blank range in Srinagar’s Khanyar area at 1. 35 PM on Sunday 12 September. The police officer belonged to Kulmoona village of North Kashmir’s Kupwara and was on probation at Khanyar.
The terrorists shot at the officer from just behind, while he came down from the mart. In video caught on CCTV, terrorists can be seen shooting at the officer. Earlier a CID inspector was killed in a similar fashion, while he was on his way to offer Friday prayers. Fallen to the ground battling with bullet wounds, he was immediately shifted to a tertiary care hospital, where he succumbed to injuries.
This cruel attack brought mayhem to the home of a slain police officer. It is an act of mindlessness and certainly won’t take anyone to the end, but for sure will destroy peace in Kashmir. Eyes fail to connect the gaze on such loathful terrorist exercises, where stone-heartedness subsists and human rights are violated like animal culture. Any efficient officer who takes commission had been considered with gun-points, limping the system of normalcy. These dastard attacks spread fear among the general public, whose movement is largely curtailed and hampered. Meanwhile the aim and objective behind such onslaughts are lowering the confidence of security forces viz-viz destabilization in the valley. KRF strongly condemns the heart-wrenching bloodbath of a police officer.

Terrorists lobbed a grenade in the Chanapora area of Central Kashmir’s Srinagar district. On Friday, 10 August,
a paramilitary trooper of the Central Reserve Police Force and a lady were injured in the following dastardly attack. The attack was pointed towards CRPF BN 29 in Chanapora.
The Chanapora area can be seen as a hub of people’s movement and the incident curtailed their go from the area. The grenade attack came after few days of pause. Inflicting pain and spill of fear is the main aim behind the explosion in public places. The halt in free movement of people, buying their commodities; going to offices and coming back home divulges the intent of terrorists, who have an extreme hatred for growing normalcy in the valley. Curtailment in freedom of people is a violation of basic fundamental rights. And then the woman was injured, this adds to the gross violation of human rights. KRF strongly condemns the attack on security forces.