Love for Mountains transforms Noor Ganie into Trekking Expert

Taha Yaseen
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Noor Muhammad Ganie has been trekking since he was a child. He spent most of his childhood exploring the mountain ranges in the southern part of Kashmir. Little did he know that his love for trekking would become his profession after trekking began to become popular in Kashmir. With his knowledge of different trekking routes, he has become the most sought-after guide for many tourists and locals who want to hike to the higher lakes and mountain tops. Ganaie’s love for mountaineering began when he was a child. He was always fascinated by the beauty of the mountains so he decided to pursue a career in hiking management. Not only is he an experienced mountaineer, but he is also a knowledgeable guide who is well-versed in various plants, animals, and birds, as well as safe ways to the higher lakes.

With over 25 years of experience as a guide, Ganaie is well-versed in all the routes leading to the highest lakes, including Chunsar Lake, Harnag Lake, Tarsar Lake and Marsar Lake. Hikers love his services and learn from him about the history and details of these routes. Ganaie started his trekking firm “New Mountaineering adventures” after noticing the interest of locals and tourists in hiking. Ganie wanted to introduce people to this hidden paradise found above the mountain peaks for that he collaborated with many well-known trekking companies. For the trekkers, Ganaie’s company provides them with meals, tents, and a valued guide. He also educates young trekkers to help them learn mountain skills.

Ganie has been a guide for more than 25 years. He is familiar with all the routes to the high-altitude lakes, such as Chunsar, Harnag, Tarsar and Marsar. In addition to providing them with information about the history and other details of these routes, hikers adore using his services. After observing the enthusiasm of both residents and visitors for hiking, Ganaie founded his trekking firm “New Mountaineering Adventures” to introduce people to the secret paradise found above mountain peaks.

In addition, he collaborated with many reputed trekking firms. For the trekkers, his company offers them services like meals, tents and a valuable guide. Ganie is also educating young trekkers to assist them in developing mountain skills.  

His three kids are associated with hiking. They serve as guides for both foreign visitors and local hikers. To encourage people to participate in this sport, he even teaches the locals about trekking. Ganaie stated that he typically leads groups of seven to fifteen people to the larger lakes during the season. Earlier, only foreigners used to explore these locations. Now, fellow Indians constitute almost 90 percent of people who go trekking in the valley. It is an emerging sport, and youth are motivated to explore these sites.

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