Kashmiri Pheran Takes Global Stage, Gets International Appeal on E-Commerce Platforms

Taha Yaseen
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The Pheran, a long loose-fitting gown made of wool and embroidered with intricate designs, has been a symbol of Kashmiri heritage and craftsmanship for centuries. Its comfort, warmth and unique aesthetic appeal have made it a favorite among people from all over the world. However, with the growth of the e-commerce industry, the traditional Kashmiri Pheran is now gaining global recognition and making its way into people’s homes and wardrobes.

In the past, Pherans used to be sold locally by e-commerce platforms based in Kashmir and were only available in the valley. However, now, many national and international websites are selling Kashmir Pheran worldwide, such as Amazon, which sells pherans in various designs and is being delivered globally. National e-commerce platform, Flipkart, also sells and delivers kashmir traditional and designer pherans all over the country.

Flipkart is one of the national e-commerce platforms that sells and delivers traditional and designer Kashmir Pherans all over the country. Previously, these Pherans were only sold locally by e-commerce platforms based in Kashmir and were only delivered to the valley. Now, customers from all over the world are wearing these Pherans as a statement piece, reflecting the rich cultural history of the region.

“I have been in Kashmir and was really impressed by the kind of dresses Kashmir women wear. I am purchasing this Pheran for use during winters,” said Pooja Kumari on the Pheran section of Amazon.in.

“We are getting orders from all over the country, Pheran is no longer limited to Kashmir, women from other states are wearing it as well,” said Sayeema. “Our Pheran, made of cotton, is also worn by women from tropical regions.”

Many shopkeepers have started their own online stores and have partnered with national retailers to make it easier for their enthusiasts to get their unique pieces of clothing no matter where they are in the world.

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