Tourism Boom in Kashmir: Surging Visitor Numbers Drive Infrastructure Development

Sheikhzada Daniyal
3 Min Read

Record-Breaking Tourist Arrivals

The Kashmir region is experiencing a remarkable tourism boom, with a staggering 15.65 lakh tourist arrivals. This include 26,000 foreign visitors, recorded in the first half of 2024. This surge in visitor numbers follows the trend set in the previous year. During the last year, Kashmir recorded a total tourist flow of 27.1 lakh, including 4.5 lakh Amarnath pilgrims.

Accommodating the Influx

To cater to the swelling tourist numbers and ensure a high-quality experience, the government is focusing on creating demand-driven infrastructure across the valley. The administration has actively encouraged the development of accommodation options, resulting in the addition of 1,485 homestays with a total bed capacity of 13,000 rooms in the past couple of years.

Expanding Accommodation Capacity

The total registered capacity for tourist accommodation in Kashmir has now reached 62,488 beds, encompassing a diverse range of options. This includes:

  • ‘A’ category hotels in Srinagar with 8,778 beds
  • ‘B’ category hotels in Srinagar with 7,036 beds
  • ‘C’ category hotels in Srinagar with 10,500 beds
  • Guest houses with 17,114 beds
  • Registered operational houseboats with 4,462 beds

Attracting Major Hotel Chains

The tourism boom in Kashmir has also attracted the attention of major hotel chains, who have established high-end properties in the region. Radisson, Lemon Tree, and the environmentally-conscious Fern Hotels & Resorts have all announced new hotel openings in Kashmir, further enhancing the accommodation options for visitors.

Sustaining Kashmir Tourism Growth

The government’s focus is on ensuring sustained tourism growth in Jammu and Kashmir. Initiatives are underway to set up and upgrade more facilities in the coming years, catering to the ever-increasing demand. Additionally, the administration is actively involving local communities in tourism activities. And ensuring equitable benefit sharing and promoting a more inclusive approach to the industry’s development.

Kashmir Tourism Attracting Millions

The tourism boom in Kashmir is a testament to the region’s enduring appeal and the government’s efforts to create a conducive environment for visitors. With the expansion of accommodation options, the arrival of major hotel chains, and the commitment to community engagement, Kashmir is poised to continue its trajectory as a premier tourist destination, offering a diverse and enriching experience for travelers from around the world.

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