Bollywood Superstar John Abraham in Kashmir

Taha Yaseen
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Bollywood superstar John Abraham has been spotted shooting for his upcoming movie in the picturesque Ashmuqam in Pahalgam, dressed up in the traditional Pheran.

During his stay in Kashmir, the actor was captivated by the region’s natural beauty and warm hospitality, expressing his fondness for the valley in an exclusive message shared by J&K Tourism department on X, formerly twitter.

Reflecting on his experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes, John shared, “It’s been fantastic. It’s an amazing place, and the view here is outstanding.”

The actor’s admiration for the locale echoed through his words, highlighting the splendor of Ashmuqam Pahalgam as an ideal filming destination.

Beyond the cinematic allure, John Abraham extended an invitation to tourists, urging people to explore Kashmir beyond its potential as a shooting location. “I want people to come to Kashmir not only for shooting but for holidays as well,” he said, adding his advocacy for tourism in the region stemmed from the warm reception he received.

“We had a great welcome here, and everyone here wants to work. The people always look at you with a smile and an open heart,” John added.

Meanwhile, The Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department on X wrote: @TheJohnAbraham clad in a traditional Pheran , is shooting for his upcoming movie at Ashmuqam #Pahalgam. This is what he has to say about the beautiful vale of #Kashmi.

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