Kashmiris should take a serious note of the pathetic political, economic and security situation of Pakistan. For very long, people with beneficial Pakistani connections and vested interests have painted a false narrative of the sun of Azaadi rising from the Pakistani side. This false narrative has led to tremendous loss of lives over three decades. With Pakistan failing on all accounts, time has come for Kashmiris to slash the moorings of false dreams weaved by the Pakistani schemers and move on to the path of peace. We have to understand that Pakistan can give us nothing but blood and tears.

The security situation has worsened after Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan which was prematurely celebrated by Pakistan. The Taliban became assertive on the Durand Line and the reunification of Pashtun lands on both sides of the line started gaining ground. The TTP also got emboldened and started giving a bloody nose to Pakistan Army. The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) has too become notably active and violent. Recently, it abducted and killed an officer of Pakistan Army.

Pakistan clearly is heading towards an implosion. These days, people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), are agitating on the roads against government’s apathy and abject neglect. Their so called Prime Minister cried during an official speech citing dire straits of affairs and total disregard of POK by the federal government. On accounts of prosperity, health, employment, development, business opportunities, civic amenities etc, POK lags behind abysmally. Recently in a significant gesture, people of POK protested against Pakistan Government in front of the UN troops. They are even expressing desire to get merged with Jammu and Kashmir. If Pakistan cannot look after the Kashmir it occupies, it would be naïve to believe in their lofty promises for us. Last month, Kashmiri students were brutally attacked at Islamabad’s Qaid-e- Azam University. Large numbers of Kashmiris are being forcefully settled faraway in Sindh. Gilgit-Baltistan is on sale to China. The TV interviews of people of Pakistan tell us that it is not Kashmiri people that Pakistan wants to embrace but their ulterior motive is to grab the natural resources especially rivers of Jammu and Kashmir. Why rivers? It is because, Pakistan ranks 14 out of 17 “extremely high water risk” countries in the world and more than 80 percent of the country’s population faces “severe water” economic situation is so pathetic that the country has approached IMF bailout for the twenty second time. The strict IMF preconditions have led to excessive price rise of essential commodities including fuel and cooking oil. Foreign reserves are barely enough for essential imports for two months. People have been advised to drink less tea to reduce import bills. Public is sick of the unprecedented inflation and corruption. Reportedly, half of Pakistan could not sacrifice goats during Eid this time due to the exorbitant prices. The political situation is as always wobbly. The ousted Prime Minister is hell bent to snatch back power from the ‘imported hukumat’ which in turn is being run on proxy from England by an ex Prime minister accused of graft.

In the fields of education, employment, health, women empowerment, trade, development and international reputation etc Pakistan has slipped to the lowest ranks. Unprecedented inflation, blatant corruption and unstable political situation have led to social unrest and people are even talking about possibility of a civil war in Pakistan.

Protesters shout Anti-Pakistan slogans in POK
Protesters shout Anti-Pakistan slogans in POK

In spite of being in such a quagmire, ISI and Pakistan army are still sending terrorists to Kashmir. They do it to remain relevant to the citizens and divert their attention from government’s total failure on all accounts. The dwindling support to terrorism in Kashmir has forced ISI and Pakistan Army to use novel and wicked ideas to disturb peace. They are now brain washing young Kashmiri boys to kill fellow Kashmiris. There is also an increase in number of attacks on police personnel. At the end of the day, Kashmiris are getting killed.

Akhir kabtak hum Pakistan ko Kashmir mein khoon bahanedenge? Our silence is our biggest fault. The perpetrators of terrorism take advantage of our silence and society’s fault lines of cast, social status and region. We cannot expect anything from our opportunist politicians who do not condemn terrorism…..or from the separatists who have their property and families abroad…..or from the cyber warriors who spread venom of hatred….or from the weak and scared intelligentsia. We the common people will have to raise our voice against violence and Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Even symbolic steps like candle light vigils and peaceful marches have the power to change things. The traditional attitude of leaving everything to the administration will be unwise. The society has to play its role. Student bodies, trade unions, market associations, civilian clubs and groups….everyone should condemn violence. Above all, we as parents must be talk of peace and positivity at homes.

Courtesy : Mir Mohsin