On Saturday, a civilian was shot dead by terrorists in the Karan Nagar area of Srinagar. The civilian was identified as Abdur Rehman Guroo, a resident of Galwanteng, Chattabal, Srinagar, was fired from a close range. He was shifted to SMHS Hospital, where he took his last breath. The slain had been targeted with three bullets on the chest and one on his face.
Terrorists had earlier on attacked several unarmed, naive citizens, deteriorating the prevailing peace in the valley. Among the crowd, terrorists easily make targets and play their nefarious game with time, assaulting and fearing the alternate leadership, innocent civilians and much more. With emerging security beef up, terrorists have also shifted their gears to navigate in crowded markets, whereby they kill and maim the civilian population to perpetuate their role, please their masters. KRF strongly condemns the killing of civilians and requests security agencies to eliminate the growing terrorism