This afternoon, terrorists hurled a grenade on security forces in Rajpora area of south Kashmir’s Pulwama. On Tuesday, 14 September 2021, armed miscreants lobbed a grenade while riding over the highway, leaving three civilians wounded. Reckless terrorists find solace in violation of the human rights of the common masses. It’s a mockery with the lives of people whose movement is altered heavily upon these witnessing these tragedies on daily basis.
The dead-end on way for terrorists is death only, as their manipulative roles have distorted the growth in Kashmir. The investment may come here only if normalcy shows a smiling face, but the paradox is terrorism is sponsored as if on monthly basis. Hence leaving no stone unturned in disgruntlement of overall security scenarrio, which shakes the environment of prosperity. Though security forces are oaving their valuable lives for the restoration of peace and thwarting each pinnacle of terrorism, conflict is far more rooted in lines than one can imagine. KRF issues a strong condemnation for attacking security forces, whose role is pivotal in restoration of peace