Kashmir Rights Forum

Day: August 17, 2021

Traditionality in celebrations from the day first of the merger agreement had sacked the enthusiasm somehow if the depth in reverence and valor is concerned. People had been a little reluctant in tying the knot of routine respect for the national flag below which our lives enjoy the security. Pay grabbers shook their shoulders, straightened their crease in pants and walked on without even recording a open-hearted glace to the national flag. These cold shouldered gestures were enquired and checked up through by this government, and our children learnt an important lesson regarding the esteem of our precious tri-color for which indicate strength, truth, life in movement and death in stagnation- labor and hard work. If a children has no basic knowledge of national flag and independence day, and the circumstances cry louder with coming time would fade the respectability. The renovation in revering the national ceremonies, national flag and nation related activities was pivotal in setting a great boundary in between anti-nationals and the lovers of the nation.

The main improvements made in celebration this year was the hoisting of flag in all educational institutions through out the valley. This could be a game changer in the history of the Kashmir in pursuit of general knowledge to all sects of the people, all age groups, and the same is on every tongue nowadays. This definitely adds an additional information in relevance to the national anthem in interest of people and I have personally experienced it. A young boy recited the national anthem while we were traveling in a car back home. He asked me, “Who had wrote these rhyming verses?” and I replied with a smile, Rabindranath Tagore. I suspect he had many queries in mind but I went down from board. This thing prompted me to write here in public to be read by all and get a positive message from this experience.

I hope within next few years the national anthem would a homely song, gathered by the esteem for its composer and the way it be sang in front of the flag, in presence of worthy personalities. It shall bring etiquette in function, greatness in composure as these terms are made casual.

A message should run down to all areas that India is one, from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari. So no change in protocol should be entertained to ensure familiar precedence to the national elements. Thus priority is given to country’s regard at the top.

In an additional terrorist attack by Pakistan backed stooges, one more believer in democracy washed hands from life. Any political party envisioning development in the valley falls short of life through the medium of terrorism. The fact is evident from the current killings of the BJP party who from the day first eyed upon complete change in setting up of Jammu and Kashmir.
In this attack suspected terrorist shot a BJP worker Javaid Ahmad Dar from the Brazloo area of South Kashmir’s Kulgam district. Javaid was constituency incharge of BJP in Kulgam.
Meanwhile, it must be understood that parties in power had remained the centre of the assault earlier on as well, creating fear among the party supporters, workers and leaders had been a common point of all terror outfits which promote their cause in many ways. Last weeks show a rise in killings on a constant basis spewing anxiety and suspicion between lines of political grow-ups. KRF in harsher words condemns the killing of party workers irrespective of their background

Poking fun at human rights terrorists breach the security cover hurl a grenade in the Sanatnagar area, injuring 01 CRPF man due to which dissipation of fear reaches new highs just a day before Independence Day. It is relevant to mention that the terror activities upswing following important days every year, in order to frighten people from taking part in nationwide celebration.
The human rights infringements persist with significant improvement in overall situation of valley. The elimination of terror ailments facilitated the political process and growth and revival of new political face ups. Every now and then, people from townships bear scare in mind before moving out from their houses taking in mind the mercilessness of terrorists and their illegitimate designs to shatter the economy of the valley.
Kashmir Rights Forum duly condemns the terror attack on CRPF man in the Sanatnagar area of Central Kashmir’s Srinagar district.

On eve of Independence Day, inhumane terrorists in an unsuccessful attempt lobbed a grenade over the fence into the yard of PDP block president’s house in Ashmuji area of Kulgam not taking in mind the children, women and old-agers. One fails to understand what motivates them to crush people like a watermelon. Callousness in the feelings, stone instead of heart, no mercy for babies even. Human Rights are mowed like a banana peel wriggled by feet, the horrible instance of human rights violations hamper the comfort of people who have a strong faith in the development and prosperity of the general masses, who are worried about the unemployment, concerned of youth being diverted to drugs culture and so on.
Although the grenade couldn’t erupt and the bomb disposal squad defused it fully, but the threat inside the mind whacks the doors of hearts of little children and family members. Such attacks bring wrath, spill blood and spread fear in the lives of masses who see their miseries could end with the onset of electioneering.
KRF condemns the attack on the leader’s house and stands with the people who practically do something for the welfare of society.

Pakistan sponsored terrorists hurled a grenade upon security forces in Handwara area of North Kashmir’s Kupwara district. In the assault upon E-07 CRPF, one personnel got splinter injuries, and no change in designs of terror organizations had been in place. Just a day after the 15th of August, filthy terrorists resume violating human rights, women suppression and propagation of fear to walk on roads is elevating day by day. Children and women seem to be a major risk, ss neither they could save themselves, nor their weak hearts could bear the pain of losing their loved ones. Acts of terror only deem fit for fear, anxiety and suspicion, these can never achieve some valuable outcome in the end.
KRF condemns the grenade on CRPF man and urges people to come together and fight terrorism. Terror sponsors must learn the lesson that there’s no space for terror-related activities in civil life snd culprits should be dealt with harsh laws.