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Day: August 6, 2021

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Many bullets did swift through the tail of my ear, I turned statue and thus I came to know the value of a soldier, from high terrains to the bottom of the Indian Ocean, they sail to sale their blood and buy for me the rights I enjoy while sitting on the sofa and enjoying the hot coffee. Stunned by the roar of the gun I lost my heart in my hand and felt all sweat, while waiting for a miracle to save my life my eyes stretched towards the army jeep thus my beats lessened and I breathed a bit easier. Till this point I hadn’t any idea of what had happened, meanwhile I was told that terrorists have taken refuge inside a house and the answers are being given to the bullets showered by.
I could see rather realize the soldier as a blessing to a nation and this lesson is fact everyone ought to live by. In no time my eyes could see a civilian lashed with bullets, lying near a car with broken glasses, followed by the woman in red Pheran holding a bucket of water, she had a bore on the head, her fingers were stiffened on the bucket. I was half silenced and half crying and another bullet targeted a 8 year old boy. It was like death dancing before me, where I was to witness the wrath of terrorists with my open eyes, that day I can’t remove from the chambers of my mind.
How could anyone slaughter people like that? This question never let me sleep whenever any news of terrorists ear me. In next few minutes while the terrorist tried to aim the gun at a car, I closed my eyes for a while, for no daring was left in me to see another massacre. This situation taught me the value, generosity and sacrifice of the army personals to safeguard the heart and the skin of a country. Even as the death was to hug them, they recite their love for the nation and offer their blood for the peace and tranquility of the people, who don’t even know them well. So, how much respect do they deserve, cogitate well! If only that terrorist was alive, few more lives would have been in ashes and so would have been their homes mourning. Thus I respect and salute to the bravery of the soldiers laying their lives answering the bullets without even caring for oneself. How selfless a soldier continues to remain till the end of his life! Their lives surround by SOP’s while if they are under siege; discipline even at the death end of the life, defending the people remains as their primary aim, this the thing I wish to tell to the readers here.
Wonder not, give some respect, change the mind towards guardians of the peace, with them we are, for us they suffer and for them we respect them more.

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